About Us

Boxonline is a budding Malaysia-based Corrugated Carton Box Online Store established in 2020. Our corrugated carton boxes are manufactured in Kapar, Klang. As it is the year that product accessibility and innovative packaging are needed more than ever, we can now provide easy accessible carton boxes for all types of packaging needs via our online service.

At Boxonline, we believe in building relationship with our customers. We want to help YOU to achieve your packaging requirements within clicks reach. Here, we can assure high quality corrugated carton box to safely protect your stored items. Be it for managing your online business, organising your space, moving places or storing items, we aspire to provide you the right carton box that you need with our wide range of products. Needing something special, innovative or creative for your packaging? Our professional team is also ready to provide you customisation service.

So, please reach out to us should you require any further assistance!

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